Creativity Matters
in health and education

Caroline Essame is the founder and owner of Create:CATT Singapore and UK. She is a British occupational therapist and creative arts therapist, completing her Masters in education with a specialty in early childhood and play. She has worked for over 30 years in the field of creativity and human development, with experience in health, welfare and education services in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the UK and India.

She pioneered South East Asia’s first Masters program in art therapy in 2005, developed the first creative arts centre in Malaysia for children with autism in 2012, and she currently runs a clinical practice for children with social, emotional and cognitive needs, and trains at the Social Service Institute in Singapore. She is also the visiting creative arts and play consultant for Deepti, a rural special school in Kerala, India

Caroline spent three years working in mental health in Malaysia in the late 1980’s, and returned to the UK to work at St Bartholomews Hospital in London. Subsequently, she was a part of the West London artists community at ACAVA (Association for Cultural Advancement through the Visual Arts) developing community studios for people with mental health problems. Caroline is a practicing artist, a mother of three and a seasoned trainer.

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Caroline has presented at international conferences and published articles for over 25 years on topics including:

"Transcultural Psychiatry - Challenges to Occupational Therapy", World Federation of Occupational Therapist Congress, Melbourne, 1990.

"Art In Therapy and Psychosocial rehabilitation - a Transcultural Perspective" World Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation,(WAPR) Congress Montreal 1991.

"Batik as a Therapeutic Medium” First Asia Pacific Occupational Therapy Congress, Kuala Lumpur, 1995.

"ARTSPACE --- A new Initiative in Mental Health", Culture, Health and the Arts World Symposium, Manchester, 1999.

"The Arts in Health and Therapy - a new concept in Singapore" Synergy; Art, Health and Design World Symposium, Sydney, 2003

"Arts for Health, an emerging International Initiative - Exploring the role of Occupational Therapists" 3rd Asia-Pacific Occupational Therapy Congress, Singapore, 2003

"Creative Arts Therapy- exploring frameworks for working with trauma" Traumatic Incidents-Early Intervention Conference. Singapore 2008

"Collective versus Individualist Societies and the impact of ASEAN values on Art Therapy" The Asian Art Therapy Symposium, Hong Kong. 2009.

"Art making and ego development - understanding childhood mark making from an Art Therapy perspective" 3rd International Art(s) in Early Childhood Conference, Singapore 2009. Now a published article in

"Exploring the role of the Creative Arts Therapies in work with people with intellectual disabilities” 19th Asian Federation for Intellectual Disabilities Conference, Singapore 2009.

Book Chapter in ART THERAPY IN ASIA --- To the Bone or Wrapped in Silk "Collective versus Individualist Societies and the Impact of Asian Values on Art Therapy in Singapore". Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2012

“Creative approaches to working with children on the autistic spectrum” 21st Asian Federation for Intellectual Disabilities Conference, Delhi, 2013

"Exploring the role of creative arts therapy in social and emotional development for children with mild intellectual disabilities - Can it improve classroom behavior?" 22nd Asian Federation for Intellectual Disabilities Conference, Sri Lanka 2015.
Caroline Essame

"The creative arts
help us make sense
of our world,
improve our self-expression
and promote healing and development. They
are a language in themselves.”

Caroline Essame painting Caroline Essame C	aroline Essame painting